Get the Complete Picture of the Complete Solution

Why not make one call to the one stop shop?

Engineering problems come in all shapes and sizes. Nothing can ever be assumed to work first time and if one thing is for certain it’s that the tempting off-the-shelf fix you’re eyeing will actually work out to be a costly mis-direction.

Surely a bespoke solution is a fiddly minefield of managing correspondence and ideas as disagreements and alternatives flow back and forth between multiple parties, all of which are adamant that their way is the best?

Firstly, a product must be designed to fit your needs. You need your unique scenario scrutinising, your considerations taken on board and the proposed offering produced in mindful collaboration with your budget and delivery schedule.

The solution will need tooling. Even if you require a single component or thousands it must be made perfectly to spec.

The materials used must meet this spec but before then they must be sourced for quality, availability and reliability of delivery and not least cost.

Then the product must be manufactured. Yield carefully controlled and the finished product tested and certified as fulfilling the job intended.

And the whole routine needs careful project management. Difficulties in tooling need to be side-stepped with alternatives. Suppliers who can’t commit or provide need to be replaced. And the client needs to be kept in the loop at all times.

Sounds like a nightmare? Well, AVMR are here to help you sleep easy. Many of our partners don’t realise that we can take care of all of the above stages and delight in being on the hook for every stage. No more co-ordinating multiple fractious third-parties (when you’ve got better things to do).

One call to AVMR will set the ball rolling and bring your perfect solution one step closer. Give us a call to find out how we can help.

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