When the Going Gets Tough

Calling in the big guns of the anti-vibration arsenal

Much of the work we do at AVMR concerns itself with matching a vibration related problem to the right kind of material and application to stop it in its tracks. Our knowledge of rubber and compounds thereof is second to none, and we pride ourselves in being able to tailor a bespoke solution just for you.

But what if the going gets really tough? Yes we can configure a rubber that can withstand extremes of heat, be particularly resilliant against naked flames or withstand repeated direct contact with chemicals but what’s the real ‘extreme solution’ in our toolkit?

The wire rope mount – to the uninitiated – doesn’t initially appear to be any kind of anti vibration product at all. Two simple mounting plates on either side allow connection of your hardware to its base and in between are simple coils of seemingly solid steel. Yes, in day to day circumstances and to the untrained eye the wire rope mount is as solid and indestructible as the machinery that it’s attached to.

However in extremes of weight or frequency the wire rope mount comes into its own. It can imperceptibly yield to vibration, kicking back against the problem in its own unique way. What first appears solid and simple is actually a super-strong highly adaptable custom cushion that can hold very large elements in a dependable grip while simultaneously allowing free motion in all three axis (depending on the orientation of the mounts).

Wire rope mounts are strong both in terms of the loads they can take on but also the circumstances into which they can be thrown. Temperature and exposure to chemicals are shrugged off where even the most advanced and hardwearing of rubber solutions would struggle. Applications include the seating of large generators, heavy weight electrical applications, use by the military and even keeping rockets in check during space exploration.

If you’ve got a vibration situation that needs a truly extreme solution, then rest assured that AVMR have the knowledge and arsenal at their disposal to deliver your answer fast.

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