99 Problems? No problem. We’ve got 21 Solutions

Behind the scenes with AVMR’s secret weapons

And if we’re really honest we’ve actually got a lot more than that... At AVMR we delight in bringing your problems to a rapid and successful conclusion. The tools at our disposal are many. Our highly knowledgeable experts are our greatest asset. And with that comes years of experience – odds are we’ve already created a product that’s already some way to being what you need. But – in a peek behind the AVMR curtain – the ‘raw material’ of what we do is actually the accurate deployment of 21 distinct product families that we bring together to solve your problem.

There are rubber bushings for use in suspension systems, marshmallow mounts, shear mounts, shock mounts. Mounts that deal with heavy duty tasks and unique types of vibration such as low or particularly high frequencies. Bobbins, springs, wire ropes for suspended loads... Isolation against vibration around bolts... Plates, sandwiches and pedestals... Pads and matting... Bump stops to bring delicate doors and machinery to a smooth stop and failsafe mounts to avert disaster. Everything from mounts for the military to resist recoil to simple machine feet to stop vibration right at its source.

It’s AVMR’s knowledge of each, experience of their implementation in the field and willingness to experiment and never to rely on off-the-shelf solutions that mean that you get the perfect solution to whatever problem you care to throw at us.

We’ll be taking a closer look at many of these in blogs coming soon. Meanwhile know that AVMR have got the skills and knowhow that will help you get your job done. Give us a call.

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