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Welcome to AVMR.com (our main site is currently: www.AntiVibrationMethods.co.uk)

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This shop is currently in a very crude state - apologies for that.  We plan to improve the site over time by making it easier to use, more informative, and adding more of our products and offering information to help inform your decision.  This is version 1 and it is en route to being good enough to find and buy the right product, but we're not quite there yet.  If you have any issues, please bear with us, and let us know via the form on the contact us page.

We are a team of Engineers & Technicians who design, manufacture and supply torsion bushes (also known as. bushings, rubber bearings, spherical bearings) and Anti-Vibration mounts from our site in Wiltshire, where we have been doing this for over 30 years.

This shop is designed to help us sell smaller volumes of products efficiently to those who want them, if you have a volume inquiry please feel free to contact us through the form on the 'Get in Touch' page and we would be happy to quote you personally.  

Many products that we manufacture (e.g. those for current vehicles) or bespoke products cannot be sold to the public.

Bespoke product customers are predominantly in Mining, Rail and Automotive industries.  They might only require one bush for prototyping purposes, or for low volume specialist equipment, while others may require up to 50,000 parts per year on an ongoing basis.  

If you have a bespoke requirement, we are here to help.  Please use our 'contact us' page to get in touch.  Otherwise, we hope you can find what you are looking for on our online shop.

Thanks for visiting our shop.