Testimonials, Customer Feedback & Certification

Case Study 1: Garia Luxury Cars

"After a comprehensive review of the market, we selected AVMR as they could offer manufacturing capabilities, a technically compliant product, with good design input, and at a cost-effective budget.  We've built a good relationship with AVMR, and would be keen to work with them again in the future"


"I don't know what more you could have done to better the service that we receive from AVMR. If I think of anything I will let you know." (This customer has not yet let us know of anything).


"Daniel and the team at AVMR have been very enthusiastic and keen to work with us in developing our product and relationship. Prototype and trial samples have been pushed through in a timely manner, and product quality has been top notch."


"I wish that we had many more suppliers that provide the quality of service that we get from AVMR"


We conduct regular customer questionnaires to see where we need to improve.  As this website is fairly new, we have not received much feedback on our individual products, so we have included below some testimonials from our customers.   As we get more, we'll add them.

If you purchase products from us, we will ask you to do the same.  We will then put your testimonial on our page - even if you had a bad experience.  So far, our testimonials have all been positive, let's hope they stay that way!

Based on recent surveys:

  • Our Net Promoter Score is 67 (scale goes from -100 to +100), which we are very proud of.  Apple has one of the worlds highest NPS scores (69) currently, and although experts would say that we cannot compare ourselves to them (quite rightfully), we are still very pleased to be that close to them.
  • Scores (out of 5) were:
    • On time delivery: 4.5
    • Quality: 4.8
    • Range of products: 3.7 (we're going to start working on this in 2017)
    • Value for money: 4.0
    • Promptness of response: 4.7
    • Courtesy: 5.0
    • Expertise: 4.7
    • Enthusiasm: 4.8

We are also ISO 9001 certified, please see our certificate, below.  This is valid until 28th September 2019:

AVMR ISO certificate