TSZ Heavy Duty Pedestal Mount


The TSZ mount is a particularly heavy duty pedestal mount, capable of isolating loads of up to 20 tonnes per mount.

This anti-vibration mount has an extremely robust construction design, including mechanical safety stops to maintain a secure fixing and restrict movement, even in the event of failure of the elastomeric components (failsafe construction).

The combination of robustness, a large support base, safety retention elements, elastomer protection and high load capacity makes the TSZ anti-vibration rubber mounts ideal for the isolation of large presses, shears and mills that are sources of disturbance both due to vibrations and to the repeated impacts emitted while in operation.

Features / benefits

  • large-scale loads: from 2000 to 20000 daN
  • multi-directional operation: compression, tension and shear
  • elastomer protection: high resistance to environmental agents
  • highly secure fixing (separate from the rubber component)
  • anti-vibration isolator with seismic restraint
  • availability of spare parts with possible replacement of the elastomeric component alone
  • Commonly used on Presses, powerhammers, crushers (high impact heavy duty applications)
  • Aluminium Alloy metal elements (small size mount only)
  • S275JR Painted Steel metal elements (medium and large mount only)


This product is assembled to order, and can take abour 3 weeks for delivery.