SW-R Sandwich mount


AVMR have developed a range of specialist natural rubber AV Mounts to suit vibratory conveyors.   In such applications and for optimum isolation, a high degree of static deflection is required.   In this new design, the mount has parallel mounting faces but these are offset by 15mm to provide a greater potential for deflection.

The SW-R series is based on a range of material harnesses and cross-sections to achieve a family of AV mountings.

This new range of high deflection anti-vibration sandwich mountings covers a standard compressive load range between 20 and 1100Kg per mount:

NOTE: The vibration attenuation will vary with load.  The SW-R7 mount will deflect circa 13.5mm at max recommended load.

Optimum deflection is 15mm thus providing very high levels of isolation (95%+ @1500rpm or equivalent forcing frequency)

The mountings can be used as conventional compression mounts or as shear mounts when reduced loading is required.  They are normally used in even numbers of mounts, leaning towards or away from each other.  This is done to avoid rotation.

The standard materials used are 316 stainless steel for the mounting plates and natural rubber materials.  However, any from the company’s wide range of natural, neoprene, nitrile or EPDM materials can be manufactured

 The company specialises in the creation of solutions for both vibration and shock isolation across a broad range of industries. Current applications for this unique mounting are primarily in the food processing and material handling fields.

Should you require more than 10 units, please contact us for a quote.

Bonding or rubber materials, particularly to metallic substrates remains a speciality of AVMR.  The specialisation for providing isolation solutions utilising a wide range of materials and techniques  remains a core strength of the business for its vibration and shock mitigation sector.

NOTE: The fixture points are the same across all SW-R mounts