Suspended Spring Mount (12 - 170kg)


To reduce vibrations transmitted along outgoing pipes or ducts by vibratory sources such as pumps and fans, these need to be suspended using anti-vibration hangers.

The extreme simplicity of the MOHANG anti-vibration hook also allows the removal of low-frequency vibration components, thus eliminating dangerous noise transmission routes that could compromise the isolation of the primary vibration source (the pump or fan) through other anti-vibration mounts installed at its base.

These mounts are designed to be loaded to a deflection of 10-25mm, which will give a natural frequency for the resulting system of 5 - 3.5 Hz.

Further key points to note about this product:

  • High resistance against oils, corrosion and high temperature environments
  • Spring material: C85 steel with epoxy paing
  • Hook material: Stainless steel
  • Typical applications: suspended plant, machinery, ducting & pipework
  • Installation: between a ceiling or other sufficient structure with the machinery or ductwork suspended below