Single Spring Sandwich Mount


Spring mounts are very popular for lower frequency applications.  Natural frequencies for these products range from 3 - 6 Hz (when under design loads - see table below) enabling the mounts to be used in applications from 4.5Hz and over*.

These Vibrostop products offer high deflections for the applied load, enabling low natural frequencies.

Due to the build materials, these products offer high resistance against oils, high temperatures, and corrosion. 

The height of this foot cannot be adjusted as supplied, however the user may add spacer elements (e.g. washers) if necessary.  Any spacer element added should cover the full load bearing area of the end cap of the product, and allow the full height of the nut to still engage with the thread.

The spring is C85 steel with epoxy paint and the cap is a polymer with steel inserts.

This item cannot be used in tension and will only tolerate minimal lateral movement.

* Very low levels of isolation will be given at such low forcing frequencies, however there will be a benefit as long as 'ideal loads' are applied.