SilentFix (failsafe) Mount


The Vibrostop Silentfix range of suspended (hanging) load anti vibration mounts are designed to take circa 5 - 40 kg per mount, depending on options selected.

As with any AV product, this product helps isolate vibrations and noise to and from the structure of the building as it effectively de-couples the equipment from the building structure.   This can also be a useful tool when when false ceilings are installed for sound insulation purposes, as rigid fixings will transmit considerably noise and vibration.

The metal bracket holds a hollow rubber vibration absorbing element, which is normally loaded as per the diagram.  A large washer should be placed so that the flat rubber surface is just covered, this will ensure an even load throughout the rubber element.  A nut and bolt can then be suspended through the middle of the washer and out of the bottom of the bracket and fixed to the equipment to be suspended.

Common uses for this item are to hold suspended ceilings, suspended pipework & ducts, heat exchangers, airconditioning units, speakers and other suspended machinery.

This product is normally held in stock, but can have a 2-week lead time at busy periods and 3-weeks during summer holidays.