SAB930 Rubber Outer Torsion Bush


This bush type is designed for use where a machined housing is available and hence no outer tube is provided.  An interference fit provides the required pre-compression. 

This construction is intended for only light axial loads unless the outer rubber bonded into position.

Dimensions (in mm) are:

  • Bore diameter (A): 9.6 +0.08 / -0.05
  • Bore length (B): 36.6 +0.03 / -0.22
  • Outer diameter (C): 21.9 +0.02 / -0.25

This bush is used on:

  • Triumph cars: unknown models
  • Ford & Alder cars.  Original part number: 8L04612
The image is of a generic Rubber Outer Torsion bush