Low Frequency Bobbin (RLF) - Male/Male


The RLF mount provides for a large deflection under load compared to solid rubber mounts for applications with relatively low disturbing frequencies such as slow speed fans, pumps or reciprocating machinery (down to 12.5Hz), or for shock protection for delicate instruments.   By virtue of the design, the deflection for given loads is different in each of the primary axes.

This mount is designed for use in compression, shear, torsion or any combination.  It is not designed for tensile loading.

Standard stock items are natural rubbers but neoprene alternatives are also available to order.  Metal parts are Sherardized with clear passivate finish

The following information is for guidelines only, loading is in compression per mount:

  • Very soft (type 1): 2 kg
  • Soft (type 2): 3 kg 
  • Medium (type 3): 5 kg
  • Med-Firm (type 4): 8 kg
  • Firm (type 5): 13 kg 
  • Note: These rubber mounts are generally used in lower frequency applications where forcing vibrations are at least 12Hz.

Bespoke versions of this product can be made, however key standard datapoints are:

  • Max Static Deflection: 5mm
  • Rubber base:  natural rubber
  • Rubber height: 38mm
  • Rubber diameter: 38mm
  • End type:  2 x male
  • Male thread length: 16mm
  • Overall height:  70mm
  • Thread:  M6
  • Metal type:  Sherardized mild steel