2520H Mount


These mounts are high deflection mounts (up to 3mm), and can therefore be used in lower frequency applicaitons compared to solid versions of this.  They have plated mild steel and natural rubber components. 

This mount is intended to be secured to the isolated equipment via the M8 thread and to a firm base via the 2 x 6mm holes (although this can be reversed if more convenient. This mount is intended for use in compression. The mount can also be installed such that a suspended load acts to compress the mount.

They are only available off the shelf with a female thread, however a male version could be manufactured

Thread: M8

Stiffness Guide Load (daN)
Very Soft (/1 - 35Sh°A) 8-15
Soft (/2 - 40Sh°A) 10-20
Medium-Soft (/3 - 50Sh°A) 17-30
Medium-Hard (/4 - 60Sh°A) 18-35
Hard (/5 - 70Sh°A) 32-60

The above values based on static compression of 1.5 - 3.0 mm

These mounts are manufactured in the UK to a particularly high standard; Metals are bonded to rubber using a 2 layer bonding system (most manufacturers use a single layer system).  The advantage of this approach is longevity of the bond, particularly in more environmentally challenging conditions.  All rubbers used on standard products are designed to an MVEE (military) standard or an equivalent equivalent British Standard (e.g. BS1154).