MM (Military) High Strength Shock and AV Mounts


* Please Note: Lower Cost C40 Steel (not Stainless) versions of this product are available, however production has stopped.  If intereseted, please enquire via the form on the "Get In Touch" page.*

The Vibrostop MM AV mount was developed for military (Naval) applications and as such combines the use of specially formulated elastomers and stainless steel to produce a mount fit for the most demanding requirements, and tests up to 40g shock x 11ms result in zero failure.

The robust design, coupled with strict manufacturing control procedures results in an AV mount with multi-directional performance which is second to none.

The MM anti-vibration mounts were developed to solve vibration isolation problems on Naval vessels and have medium-low frequencies (6-10 Hz).  They have exceptional strength and reliability, due to their Stainless Steel parts and oil-resistant rubber compounds.

Typical applications: Military (Navy, Air Force, Army) classified. Mobile applications where a fail-safe style is essential.   NATO STOCK NUMBERS for this range are (N.S.N. or N.U.C.):

  • MM30: 5340 15 142 2375
  • MM50: 5340 15 142 2376
  • MM100: 5340 15 142 2377
  • MM200: 5340 15 142 2378
  • MM350: 5340 15 142 2379

These mounts have also recently been used to replace regular rubber/metal anti-vibration mounts when mounting sensitive equipment in earthquake zones.

Key points for this product include:

  • 30-600daN (approx 30-600kgs) static load range
  • Resistant to impact stress (tested with a 40g x 11m/s shock in accordance with MIL-STD-810)
  • Anti-vibration isolator with seismic restraint
  • Works in both tension and compression (data given is for compression), and can tolerate lateral motion.

These parts can normally be delivered within 3 weeks, however at certain times of year this can increase to 6 weeks.