Low Cost Male-Female Bobbins (Cylindrical) - Commodity Grade


Silentblocs, bobbin mounts, Anti Vibration mounts, rubber bobbins, whatever you call them, bobbin mounts are the most widely used anti-vibration mounts.  They are simple, and absorb vibration well for many applications.

This commodity grade product is a low cost solution which fits many requirements.

Bobbin mounts are used in shear, compression, or anywhere in between.  We do not recommend using them in tension (as is the case for all bobbin mounts).

These products all come with a single male thread on each end.

Please ensure you read the ‘why are they commodity grade’ section, below, before buying.

If you require more than 25 units, please contact us for pricing.

Does AVMR make these?

Whilst AVMR manufacture a large volume of bobbin mounts, we distribute these ‘commodity grade’ bobbins.  We have audited the manufacturer, and have independently tested their products. 

Wide Range

These bobbins range from fairly small types (smaller are available from AVMR.com) to heavy duty.

Why are they commodity grade? 

In short, rubber tolerances.  If you have precise vibration absorption requirements then we would not recommend these mounts, but if you just want something to fill a gap in your product, you have fairly high frequencies, or there is no vibration in your application, then these should be fine.

If you need something to work reliably, then I would suggest looking at the products which are not labelled as ‘commodity grade’.

During our tests these mounts demonstrated a very wide tolerance on their load-deflection performance.  In some cases actual deflection was 60% away from the nominal value, which has a notable impact on vibration absorption and could be dangerous due to the risk of resonance in some specific applications.

By comparison, AVMR’s bobbins typically hold a considerably tighter +/-12% tolerance.


Metals: Plated mild steel
Rubber: 50° ShA natural rubber. 

As with all of our products, these are RoHS/REACH compliant

If you are want bespoke materials, please look at our non-commodity grade products, which can be made to your requirements.


The 150mm diameter version of this product are also available in M16 threads, but our shop platform could not support more than 100 variants of this product.

If you require more than 25 units, please contact us for pricing.

Overview of sizes and deflections:

These are the stated dimensions and deflections for this product range.  However, we have found the following tolerances:

1. Thread lengths vary by up to 2mm

2. Deflections at 'ideal load' vary by up to 60%

rubber bobbin deflections
rubber bobbin deflections

rubber bobbin deflections
rubber bobbin deflections