BE1025 Hi-Rubber Torsion bush


This is a sub category of Single Bonded Bush, which has a high rubber content between the inner and outer tubes.

The Hi Rubber bush is based on a single bonded bush, and therefore has both chemical bond (inner tube only) and interference fit as for the single bonded torsion bush.  However this version has a specially shaped rubber section designed to prevent metal to metal contact under overloads

  • Bore Diameter (A):  11.2  +0.09 / -0.04
  • Bore Length (B):  54.0  +0.10 / -0.15
  • Outer Diameter (C):  35.0  +0.00 / - 0.07
  • Outer Length (D): 44.5  +0.08 / -0.18

All dimensions are in mm.

The image below is of a generic Hi-Rubber bush.