Exagon X Hollow Bobbin Shock and AV Mount


The Vibrostop Exagon X is a highly versatile mount for loads of 5 - 60 kg, which can be used in compression and tension, and for both AV and Shock applications.

The high level of deflection available allows for low frequency applications, and for it to be used in shock applications.

This product offers high levels of isolation and noise attenuation, due to the high levels of deflection.  It is also non-magnetic and offers high levels of corrosion resistance as the metal elements are stainless steel.

This product is the same as the standard Exagon mount, but with the addition of a threaded inserts which enable loading in tension.

These products can be nested (Exagon -1 can fit inside Exagon 2), which is the required configuation to achieve the results for "1+2" scenarios; only one set of threaded inserts is required.