G-Pad Double


The Vibrostop G-Pad series of oil resistant NBR anti-vibration mounts can support from 250daN to 100kN (~250kg - 10 tonnes) per pad.  The additional rubber height compared to the G-Pad Single range enables greater levels of absorption and a lower natural frequency which reduces the frequency at which useful absorption starts.

This oil and solvent resistant product combines the convenience of ordinary rubber tiles with, through the aluminium frame, the reliability of a rubber/metal anti-vibration support.  This frame has the dual function of protecting the elastomeric component and redistributing the concentrated load.

The G series anti-vibration mounts are commonly used to isolate the vibrations generated by industrial machinery, presses and air-conditioning units when a mechanical fixing between the machine and the support surface is not necessary.

The G-Pad Double version can be used to increase the isolation and hence reduce transmissibility through the addition of a second layer of rubber damping elements, which reduces the natural frequency of the suspension to about 4-5 Hz.  Depending on the weight being supported, this mount can start to absorb vibration from under 10 Hz.

It is popular for a range of applications including industrial presses and hammers.

This pad comes in 6 sizes (see image for drawing), and two rubber hardnesses per size:

Standard products have an aluminium alloy structure which holds the nitrile rubber  (oil and solvent resistant) elements in place. 


A bonded rubber matt (BPD) or steel plate (PA) can be added to help support or spread the load, if required.  The steel plate has a hemispherical recess centrally located, this is to accept a point load.  See images for further information.


This mount would normally sit on a firm level surface, with the machine sat on top of it.  There are no fixing points (e.g. bolt holes or threaded elements) built into this product.