EMV Sandwich Mount

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These robust large semi-waisted sandwich mounts were developed for vibratory equipment such as screeners which oscillate laterally.  Their waisted design in one direction drastically reduces stress points in the rubber allowing for a long product life.

Excavator Mounted Vibrators typically incorporate 4 isolators (elastomers) to prevent the transfer of vibration into the support arm but to allow the piling head to vibrate as required.

A typical EMV is illustrated here but alternatives can be manufactured with the same dimensions, with different mounting hole arrangements or in completely different sizes.


Typically 12mm thick steel to S275JR but alternatives would be possible.  For reasons of strength and resilience, these are typically produced in 50ShA NR (medium/soft natural rubber) but a wide range of alternatives are available if necessary or to match original equipment.

These mounts are manufactured in the UK to a particularly high standard; Metals are bonded to rubber using a 2 layer bonding system (most manufacturers use a single layer system).  The advantage of this approach is longevity of the bond, particularly in more environmentally challenging conditions.  All rubbers used on standard products are designed to an MVEE (military) standard or an equivalent equivalent British Standard (e.g. BS1154).

Standard production is based on Sherardized steel plates.