CW947 Rubber Only Bush


This rubber only bush has no metal parts, and requires an interference fit on one or both inner and outer interfaces.  This interference fit holds the bush in place and provides for pre-stressing of the rubber making it stiffer for normal radial, conical and torsional loads.  It is not intended for use in high axial loading situations.

Dimensions are as follows:

  • Bore Diameter (A):  19.1
  • Length (L):  22.2
  • Max Outer Diameter (not listed):  36.1
  • Intermediate Outer Diameter (B): 31.8
  • Taper Length (E): TBC
  • Taper angle (alpha): TBC
  • Taper angle (beta):  TBC

    All dimensions are in mm.

    This part is commonly found on the following vehicles from the 1950s and 1960s:

    • Land Rover Vehicles: 88 & 104 models, and others.  Original part number: 243057