Bump Stop: BS-48-54


These bullet shaped bump stops, or buffers, give a progressive absorption of shock due to their shape.  They come as standard with an M10 thread which is chemically bonded to the rubber material.

These bump stops are manufactured in the UK to a particularly high standard; Metals are bonded to rubber using a 2 layer bonding system (most manufacturers use a single layer system).  The advantage of this approach is longevity of the bond, particularly in more environmentally challenging conditions.  All rubbers used on standard products are designed to an MVEE (military) standard or an equivalent equivalent British Standard (e.g. BS1154).

Via special order, versions of this product are available with the following variations:
- 316 Stainless Steel
- Different thread options
- Various rubber colours and types

Standard production is based on Sherardized steel plates and M10 threads.

Dimensions on the drawing are in mm.