BPD Matting


Vibrostop BPD anti-skid mat features a good absorption of vibration and an effective sound-deadening effect with minimal thickness. The BPD ‘mat’ is highly flexible due to the bi-directional square section cross grooving on both sides.

A large area can be covered using multiple pads.

Key information:

  • Often used on machines with no provision for fitting anti-vibration mounts or which require almost continuous support rather than point load support.
  • Each full tile can take up to 23kg/cm3
  • Each tile can be cut to smaller sizes
  • Commonly used on presses, machine tools, air conditioning units.
  • Placed between a firm floor and the machine.
  • Nitril rubber is used for these parts, making them suitable for areas where contact with oils and solvents is possible.

Each mat, or tile, comes in two different thicknesses, 7 & 14mm.

Two different hardnesses of rubber material are used:

  • Soft: 45° ShA hardness (Red)
  • Normal: 60° ShA hardness (Black)