AAT Mounts (failsafe)


The VIBROSTOP AAT mount is a damper recommended for isolation of piping and ducting hanging, or suspended, from ceilings.

The use of a rubber vibration isolator in the suspension of these components allows the interruption of vibration and noise transmission routes, which are sometimes overlooked once the primary source (such as a pump or a UTA) has been isolated.

These products are supplied with an eyelet attachment.

Load range is 10daN - 480daN (circa 20-480kg)

This failsafe anti vibration mount can absorb vibration in all directions, but is primarily designed to take tensile and compressive loads rather than shear (data in table is for tension, and is the only data provided).

The failsafe design prevents detachment of the mounted appliance even if the elastomers should become completely destroyed (excl. fires).  The sheltered design also provides protection for the elastomer contributing to extended service life.

These parts can normally be delivered within 3 weeks, however at times they can take up to 6 weeks.

Use the table in the images to establish which mount best meets your requirements (forces are for compression).

AVMR are licensed distributors of Vibrostop products.

Please note that due to the nature of rubber compounding and production processes, the data given relating to deformation under pressure are for indication only.