AAD Lightweight Pedestal Mount


The Vibrostop AAD 20 is used specifically for the protection and vibration isolation of small, low-weight equipment (1-10 KG) such as technical instruments, small electrical switchboards and electronic components.

The AAD 20 anti-vibration mount has the same metal components as the AA20 but the specific geometry of its elastomeric components allows minimum recommended loads to be reduced to 1 daN.

As with the AA series, the external aluminium alloy structure makes the AAD isolator resistant to accidental overloads and protects the elastomer from direct exposure to atmospheric agents, increasing its reliability and service life.

Metal components are aluminium allow, and can meet MIL STD 202 on request.

This product comes in two rubber hardnesses:

  • Soft: 45° ShA, typically for 1-5 kg loads
  • Normal: 60° ShA, typically for 5-10 kg loads