8050 Mounts


These large solid rubber mounts have a lower mounting flange with fixing slots and a load spreading top disc, both of which are chemically bonded to the rubber material.

Guideline Max static compression load per mount (daN)
Very soft (/2)
100 (this mount is very soft laterally too)
Soft (/4)
150 (this mount is very soft laterally too)
Medium - Soft (/6)
Medium-Hard (/8)
Hard (/10)
Very Hard (/12)

This mount also has a chemically bonded intermediate flat steel ring in some variants to achieve a wide performance range.

When fitting the mount, the following points are importnat:
- The supported load should cover at least 80% of the top plate
- The male thread is for tightening the load down to the mount and not for jacking up for height adjustment. Any Height adjustment should be provided using shims or washers.

Versions of this product are available with the following variations:
- 316 Stainless Steel
- M10 - M20 male or female thread options
- Various rubber colours and types

Standard production is based on Sherardized steel plates and male threads.