8-Spring Foot


Thanks to their low suspension frequencies and large deflection, this anti-vibration spring support series allows the reduction of vibrations and the elimination of structure-borne noise generated by pumps, machines, HVAC systems etc installed in buildings.

This Vibrostop product is available in three spring heights with an associated natural frequency.  Each height is available in a range of spring constants in order to accommodate different loads for required attenuation levels.

The steel spring permits suspensions to be created with lower frequencies than those normally attainable with rubber anti-vibration mounts, thereby providing more effective isolation, especially for rotary sources with fairly low speeds (below 1400 rpm).

The wide variety of models, obtained by combining springs of varying stiffness, allows different spring anti-vibration mounts to be used in relation to the point load, in order to obtain uniform deflections even in machines with unevenly distributed loads.

Features / benefits

  • wide range of load capacities, from 12 to 2600 daN
  • low suspension frequency: 3-6 Hz
  • fitted with elastomeric components to eliminate medium/high frequency structure-borne noise
  • increased lateral stability thanks to the multi-spring solution
  • for installation at the base of the machinery, with the springs compressed
  • high resistance to environmental agents
  • available with various fixing interfaces


  • Spring: C85 with epoxy paint
  • Base: Elastomer with metal insert
  • Top plate & Set screw: Galvanised Steel

Typically used with:

  • Pumps,
  • Air conditioning units
  • Fridges
  • Transformers
  • Generators

Avoid tensile loads.

Lead times for these items is normally up to 2 weeks.