8-Spring Failsafe Adjustable Pedestal mount


This mount is an anti-vibration spring mount with integrated retaining structures that limit the movement and tipping of installed machinery in the event of a minor machinery failure, an earthquake or strong winds; the system therefore requires no additional end stops.

This mount has the same excellent vibration performance as the other spring isolators, thanks to its low natural frequency and elastomeric inserts to reduce structure-borne noise components.

Stable positioning is enhanced by both the multi-spring geometry and the anti-slip mat beneath the base. The height of the support can also be adjusted to level the suspended machinery.

Features / benefits

  • load capacity range from 160 to 950 daN
  • low suspension frequency: 4 Hz
  • fitted with steel anti-seismic restraints to maintain a secure fixing and restrict movement during an earthquake or strong winds
  • fitted with elastomeric components to eliminate medium/high frequency structure-borne noise
  • height adjustment for levelling the suspended machine
  • increased lateral stability thanks to the multi-spring configuration
  • for installation at the base of the machinery, with the springs compressed
  • high resistance to environmental agents

This mount can be used as a simple machine foot, however to take advantage of the failsafe functionality offered, the base must be securely fixed to a solid floor.


  • Spring: C85 with epoxy paint
  • Base: Elastomer with metal insert
  • Top plate & Set screw: Galvanised Steel

Typically used with:

  • Pumps,
  • Air conditioning units
  • Fridges
  • Transformers
  • Generators

Avoid tensile loads.

Lead times for these items is normally up to 2 weeks.

Notes for the Balloon elements of the technical drawing:

  • Remove nut A, position machine then put nut A back into place. 
  • If necessary adjust the height using A & B
  • Tighten bolt B
  • Tighten C until they are touching rubber insert D (but not pressing on it)

Spring configuration for this product is based on the loads to be taken by the mount: