50 - 200kg Flexobloc Pedestal Mount


This Vibrostop mount is an anti-vibration rubber/metal block suitable for isolating vibrations created by machinery and industrial equipment (presses, machine tools, etc.) and civil installations (pumps, compressors and refrigeration units).

These have a compact and simple geometry with a broad upper supporting surface, a central threaded hole for stable positioning of the machinery and through-holes in the base plate for floor fixings.

Features / benefits

  • limited overall height

  • large support surface for the machine

  • can be fixed to the machinery and to the floor

  • Rubber used: natural rubber

  • Metal used: plated mild steel

Depending on the rubber hardness used (sensitive / normal / hi-resistance), this mount offers a range of load capabilities (note: 1 daN is approximately equivalent to 1kg):

Typical lead time on these items is up to 2 weeks for small volumes.