37 x 20mm Hollow Conical Bobbin


This Vibrostop Conical damper is a bobbin that offers viable alternative to traditional anti-vibration mounts; it offers greater flexibility due to its hollow body.

Its thin-walled rubber construction allows it to isolate lower suspension frequencies than similar-sized solid-section anti-vibration mounts.  Therefore, it also offers greater isolation at higher forcing frequencies.

Due to the geometry of this product, a high degree of lateral stability is still offered compared to the degree of movement in compression.

This mount comes in two hardnesses:

  • Soft: 45°ShA, normally used with 5 - 10 kg load
  • Normal: 60°ShA, normally used with 10 - 15 kg load

For this product (see image for technical drawing):

  • A: 37mm
  • B: 24mm
  • C: 20mm
  • D1: 23mm
  • D2: 21mm
  • E: M5