300 - 4000kg Z-Reg Anti Vibration Foot


The Z-REG adjustable AV-foot allows machinery and air conditioning systems to be put in place, even if unbalanced, and then levelled precisely.

It has a fine-pitch adjustment screw for precise and effortless height adjustment of the support plate, even under heavy duty conditions.

For applications with a low level of incoming vibration and/or industrial environments (therefore with fairly high permissible vibration limits) the Z-REG adjustable rubber mount can also provide a certain degree of protection from vibration due to the ample thickness of the elastomeric support component.

Features / benefits

  • load capacity range from 300 to 4000 daN
  • fine level adjustment
  • metal cap to protect the elastomer
  • Elastomer: 80°ShA Natural Rubber
  • Metal: Plated steel