25-400kg TSGE Anti Vibration Foot


This is a practical anti-vibration foot with a bolt for connection to the isolated equipment. It is perfect for isolating air-conditioning units and other HVAC machines that do not require fixing to the ground.

The protective steel cap provides a good support surface and protects the elastomer from environmental agents, increasing its service life and reliability.

It has greater isolation efficiency than other, similar anti-vibration mounts thanks to its ring-shaped geometry, which allows greater deflection than with equivalent solid-section cylindrical isolators.

Features / benefits
  • wide range of load capacities, from 25 to 400 daN
  • stainless steel cap and fixings available on request

Note:  The load taken by the foot should be spread across the full horizontal surface of the metal cap.  If the load is only placed in the centre of the mount then an additional washer or plate should be sandwiched between the two surfaces to ensure that the load is taken across the full horizontal face of the metal cap.  Despite the long thread this is not an adjustable height foot as it is sold (but it could easily be adapted to make it adjustable height).