20 x 22mm Male/Female bobbin


This small waisted bobbin mount is made in-house and used in light-medium industrial applications.  The following information is for guidelines only, loading is in compression per mount:

  • Very soft: up to 7kg
  • Soft: up to 10kg
  • Medium: up to 13kg
  • Med-Firm: up to 18kg
  • Firm: up to 23kg
  • Note: These rubber mounts are generally used in applications where forcing vibrations are at least 12Hz, ideally at least 16Hz.

Both ends of the bobbin have a male thread

Bespoke versions of this product can be made, however key standard datapoints are:

  • Rubber base:  natural rubber
  • Rubber height: 22mm
  • Rubber diameter (max): 20mm
  • Rubber diameter (min): 15mm
  • End type:  1 x male, 1 x female
  • Male thread length: 16mm
  • Female thread depth: 4.5mm
  • Overall height:  38mm
  • Thread:  M6
  • Metal type:  Sherardized mild steel