16 x 16mm Male/Female bobbin


This small cylindrical bobbin mount is made in-house and used in light industrial applications.  The following information is for guidelines only, loading is in compression per mount.  This mount type is predominantly used in shear or tension rather than in compression.

  • Very soft: up to 7kg  (2mm compression)
  • Soft: up to 9kg  (2mm compression)
  • Medium: up to 14kg  (2mm compression)
  • Med-Firm: up to 22kg  (2mm compression)
  • Firm: up to 30kg  (2mm compression)
  • Note: These rubber mounts are generally used in applications where forcing vibrations are at least 12Hz, ideally at least 16Hz.

Bespoke versions of this product can be made, however key standard datapoints are:

  • Rubber base:  natural rubber
  • Rubber height: 16mm
  • Rubber diameter:  16mm (across flats - hexagonal cross-section)
  • End type:  1 x Male thread, 1 x Female thread
  • Female thread depth:  4.5mm
  • Male thread: 13mm
  • Overall height:  29mm
  • Thread:  M6
  • Metal type:  Sherardized mild steel