15080 Mount


These mounts are only available off the shelf with a male thread however, a female version of this mount could easily be manufactured.

Thread: M20

Stiffness Guide Max Load (daN)
Soft (/2 - 40Sh°A) 650
Medium-Soft (/3 - 50Sh°A) 1250
Medium-Hard (/4 - 60Sh°A) 1400
Hard (/5 - 70Sh°A) 1650

The mount will deflect circa 8mm with the above loads.  The default version of this mount is the /5 which is included in the graph.

These mounts are manufactured in the UK to a particularly high standard; Metals are bonded to rubber using a 2 layer bonding system (most manufacturers use a single layer system).  The advantage of this approach is longevity of the bond, particularly in more environmentally challenging conditions.  All rubbers used on standard products are designed to an MVEE (military) standard or an equivalent equivalent British Standard (e.g. BS1154).