0.5 - 2000kg Helical Coil Wire Rope Mounts

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This range of Vibrostop wire rope shock mounts, is a development of the originally helically wound wire rop shock mounts developed in the USA in the 1950's.  These mounts have expanded from their original military uses to satisfy numerous additional industrial applications.

These mounts offer highly predictable vibration & shock isolation due to the high degrees of deflection and damping available.  There is a wide range of configurations for this product incuding:

  • The number of wire rope loops
  • The wire diameter (from 1.5 - 32mm is available)
  • The spacing between the fixing bars, and
  • The fixture detail

Using these variables, a range of product characteristics have been engineered.  These are commonly used in the defence sector and in many other industrial applications and on transport vehicles where two aspects are essential: a secure fixing and lasting performance over time, even in potentially aggressive environments.

Features / benefits

  • wide range of load capacities, from 0.5 to 2000 daN
  • anti-vibration/shock with multi-directional performance
  • exceptional reliability and durability
  • non-magnetic
  • high damping with low resonant amplification
  • operating temperatures: -100°C/+260°C

This is a particularly complex product, and they are normally made to order, so no returns can be accpted.  Therefore, please contact us directly for help specifying this product to ensure that the correct product is purchased.