Vision & Values

Our vision

We believe that success includes helping others, and that life is too short not to enjoy work.  Our vision is to be run by a team who look forward to Monday mornings and who deliver mind-blowing customer experience.  Courage, Fairness, Practical Wisdom, and Dependability will be corner stones of our business, a business that happens to design, manufacture and source world class rubber, vibration and shock management solutions. 

Our values

  • Courage: Be entrepreneurial, bold and positive, explore new options, and don’t be afraid of being different.
  • Fairness.  Mistakes are inevitable, but we must learn from them to prevent repeats, and work together.
  • Practical Wisdom.  Constantly develop, solve issues, improve and share learnings.  Work in a logical, informed and calm way.
  • Dependable.  Deliver what has been promised, be a safe & reliable 'pair of hands'.
  • Communicate.  Keep people in the loop.