Transport Frames

Sensitive equipment is transported everyday; the shock and vibration from loading and loading, and from the road is easily underestimated.

When and unloading loading items into a vehicle shock loads can be notable.  As load is transferred to and from a forklift truck or crane, there is normally a shock event which whilst they may seem insignificant, can often be the most significant event experienced by the equipment

When travelling on the road key shock related risks include:

  • Pot holes
  • De-laminating tyres
  • Hitting cats eyes or raised ironworks (contra-flows with narrower lanes have notably higher risk of shock events)

The following factors can have a notable impact on the vibration experienced by the transport frame:

  • Loading of the vehicle
  • Number, and position, of axles
  • Suspension type
  • Road condition
  • Speed travelled
  • Resonance with natural frequencies of the vehicle

AVMR has designed and developed frameworks to transport sensitive equipment around the world, from particle accelerators to lidar units, with our extended network of experts we have the experience and capability to understand the problem and to help as much or as little as you need - from full design and build to purely offering advice, we are here to help.