Exagon Hollow Bobbin AV Mount


The Vibrostop Exagon is a highly versatile mount for loads of 10 - 60 kg, which can be used in compression and tension (additional load distributing plates advised), and for both AV and Shock applications.

The high level of deflection available allows for low frequency applications, and for it to be used in shock applications, although we would recommend looking at the Exagon X with its additional inserts for shock applications.

This product offers high levels of isolation and noise attenuation, due to the high levels of deflection. 

This product is the same as the Exagon X mount, but without the stainless steel threaded inserts.

Exagon -1 can fit inside Exagon 2, so when Exagon 1+2 are used together it is with 1 inside 2.

This item has a circa 3-week lead time.