Premium Waisted Bobbins (Male - Male)


Premium waisted bobbins are manufactured in the UK by AVMR (Anti Vibration Methods).  This range of products can cater for almost all common bobbin requirements.

Bobbins are very popular and low-cost vibration and shock absorption product.  They are used regularly to protect equipment including pumps, generators, measuring equipment, walkways, automotive and electrical applications.

The advantage of a waisted bobbin is effectiveness of doing its job.  The waist allows the rubber to deflect more, and therefore absorb more energy from the vibration as well as starting to isolate from a lower frequency.

AVMR specialises in the manufacture and supply of affordable rubber bobbin mounts; we would be surprised if we did not have what you need as we are one of the top anti vibration mounts manufacturers in the UK.

 Rubber bobbins are designed to be long lasting and hard wearing and could last for the lifespan of the application.  However, the environment and loading will affect the lifespan, so it is important to keep checking your bobbin to look out for any degradation or problems. 

We manufacture a high volume of bespoke bobbins, for more aggressive environments and/or fixture requirements.  If your requirement is unusual, do not hesitate to contact us. 

All dimensions in mm