27 x 24mm High Deflection Male/Male Bobbin


This hollow Vibrostop mount will deflect more than the average mount under the same conditions, therefore enabling a higher proportion of vibration to be absorbed and/or effective isolation starting at lower frequencies.

Depending on a number of factors, this mount could start to isolate from as low as 10Hz (under certain conditions), which is lower than the standard bobbin which starts at 12-16Hz.

This product comes in two rubber grades:

  • Soft (45°ShA): Load range: 2-5 daN (~Kgs)
  • Normal (60°ShA): Load range: 5-10 daN (~Kgs)

The dimensions (see drawing) for this product are:

  • A (Dia): 27mm
  • B: 24mm
  • C1: 19mm
  • C2: 16mm
  • Thread: M6

These products are purchased via a third party and not currently held in stock.  Lead times are normally within 3 weeks, however at certain times of year they can take up to 6 weeks.