Sweat the Small Stuff

How AVMR is more agile, more adaptable and the perfect partner for your next challenge.

At AVMR we like to focus on the small things: The finer details of our products that guarantee big success in the bigger picture. Each is made with identical precision and care to guarantee our customers a consistent working product that meets their needs right across the run. You might hear similar claims from our competitors but AVMR have a unique lead that has enabled us to work with some of the world’s best-known brands.

It’s all thanks to our ability to do big business through design and manufacture not on a larger, but on a smaller scale than any of our competitors.

Thanks to the unique way we’ve built AVMR – our values, workplace, staff, equipment and production line – we’re able to offer a custom service for truly bespoke parts. We’ve done this because – in our 30 years of trading – we’ve learnt that while big business loves big orders, far more customers don’t require components in the millions.

Iteration and Innovation

Increasingly innovators need to revisit the drawing board. It requires continuous experimentation to produce something genuinely new. And then iterate upon it month by month. Use an off-the-shelf component and you’ll only ever be as good as everyone else. Instead, at AVMR, we can work with you to design something that’s perfect for your job, and then create short runs that meet your short-term needs. We can produce parts that allow you to try something new. And then produce a short run that’s in tune with the demands from your customers rather than burdening you with excess stock and unexpected spend. Meanwhile our competitors won’t even speak to you unless you’re ordering 500,000 units.

Similarly, when your product is truly world class and your customers demand the best, you’re operating in a world where it’s simply not possible or practical to place orders in the hundreds of thousands. At AVMR we’re experts in utilising tech which enables us to be faster and more agile than production facilities geared up for volume rather than quality. 

Your Perfect Partner

AVMR has the flexibility to go the extra mile for you, delivering our famous client relationship while our competitors’ costly, large-scale machines roll on in three shifts that can’t be stopped.

That’s why companies such as Aston Martin come to AVMR. Their proposition isn’t about volume, it’s about making the best and AVMR are perfectly placed to produce exactly that at the volumes they require.

If you want to discover what it’s like to work with a team who cares about the little things, why not give AVMR a call?

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