Great service and expertise enable multiple track pad contract wins in same month

AVMR have won two track pad projects within one month.  The projects, which are for different customers in different markets, were repeat contracts.

Managing Director, Daniel Lawes, said that "De-lamination and high rubber wear rates can be real problems in this type of product; there are not many companies who bond rubber to substrates the way we do, or who tailor the rubber for the application, the way we do.  The ones who do, generally use much higher cost equipment, which really works for high volume requirements, but not for low-medium volumes.

Producing low-medium volumes of track pads can be really costly, however AVMR's rubber and process knowledge enable them to use a combination of low cost tooling and simple low cost machines to deliver a great value for money product that will last. 

I like to think our personality as a company makes a difference too.  We are a close team, we enjoy what we do, we like to make our customer's lives easy and to have them return to us."

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