First Website Sales!

First website sales made!

We had two sales in September 2017 for classic car torsion bushes, which was really exciting.  Both customers had a challenge or two in completing the purchase process due to a mistake at our end, but once we worked it out, they both went back and completed their purchases. 

We hope that all of our customers are very happy with their purchases, and would love any feedback that you have for us - please get in touch.

There is lots of work going on in the background for this website - it might not look like it right now, but there is.  The current product lines listed and detailed structure of the site are far from 'optimised' so we had not really expected any sales until March-April time.  Quite how the two initial customers found the parts they were looking for is still baffling us, but well done guys, it was a real milestone for us.

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