Dancefloor Damping

Because the bouncers at AVMR don’t want any trouble. Right?

Did you know that designated dancefloors have been lightly sprung since the days of the 1920’s flapper? There are many ways of going about this but the general gist has remained the same since the jazz age: a solid base – be it the foundations of the building, a concrete pad or sturdy joists and noggins – is covered in regular supports – usually simple wooden blocks but in more modern installs, rubber pads – and a second lighter weight frame of crossmembers is placed on top. This is then topped with an attractive wood finish or lager-proof wipe-clean lino. Walk upon the surface and you won’t notice anything unusual, but place a hundred plus dancers on board and you can feel the resonant ‘wave’ that their combined motion produces. The result is an easier, subtle more engaging and enthusiastic dancing experience. The floor and the resonance it produces, maximises comfort and keeps patrons dancing and thereby consuming and spending, for longer. Ever wondered why some clubs are so much ‘better’ than others? That perfect sprung dance floor magically contributes to ‘a great night out’ designed to stick in the mind and bring you back for more.

Keep The Needle On The Record

But while vibration and resonance are the dancer’s friend, they remain the mortal enemy of the DJ and their equipment. While the use of delicate turntables and spinning vinyl is very much in decline and likewise associated needle and groove-based vibration disasters, it’s still highly preferable to have your CDJs not being jogged around no matter how ample their shock protection. Likewise, the wits and skills of the DJ at the controls. Today’s DJs are literally working in environments designed to scatter the brain while operating machinery akin to the control deck of an airliner. A motion-free launch pad from which to do so is not just appreciated, but a genuine necessity.

Looks Good, Sounds Better

And the perfect weapon of choice here is the wire rope mount. When Rocknap, a startup developing innovative concepts for music venues, came to us requesting a solution that not only insulated their platform from the club but looked the part too, wire rope mounts were our road ahead. Their platform is held aloft on four such mounts, not only protecting the DJ and his equipment from the dancefloors foibles and subwoofer sounds, but looking suitably techno in the process.

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