AVMR is Investing - again.

AVMR is pleased to announce a major step forward in our environmental credentials, processing capabilities, process efficiency.

After 6 months of analysis and running trials with John Jackson and Bob Lane of Guyson International Limited (http://www.guyson.co.uk/), AVMR has signed contracts to purchase capital equipment which will deliver improvements across three key areas:

  • Environmental: This enables us to stop all chemical etching by providing efficient alternative options.
  • Process efficiency: The capacity of the new equipment will allow processing speeds to increase
  • Process capabilities: Features have been built-in to the capital equipment which grow AVMRs process capabilities.

Along with other investments, this puts AVMR  in the exciting position of being one of the most capable low-to-medium volume operators in the rubber to metal bonded product market.

We would like to thank John Jackson and the team at Guyson for their patience while we conducted various trials at their site.

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