Absolute Bobbins

Get the inside story on AVMR’s bobbins. Because appearances can be deceptive…

Bobbins? A thread with a blob of rubber in the middle? Think again. It’s this simple construction – the bonding of rubber to metal in a compact and infinitely shapeable form – that gives bobbins their reputation as the workhorse of the vibration world. If in doubt stick a bobbin mount on it... Let’s give them the respect they deserve.

Only by understanding each mount’s unique properties and matching that mount to the job in hand can we ever produce the optimum outcome. Approach a job with a ‘that’ll do’ attitude and you’re potentially creating a system that will be worse than useless. If your bobbins kick back with a force that is harmonically in proportion with the vibration that you’re trying to control, then the vibration will actually be amplified rather than damped… Create a system using the wrong spec bobbins and it’s likely that you’re just making matters worse.

Rubber Soul

You need something specialist and specced by experts. Despite the simple nature of their construction – rubber meets metal – that same rubber is a huge variable in determining the capabilities of each individual mount. Use a cheap grade of rubber and the mount might look the part… while being next to useless. Buy a cheap mount and you’re invariably buying cheap rubber that most likely won’t perform or last as long as it could do. 

The trick is in knowing how much your mounts will be required to deflect and then creating a mount that will deflect that amount time and time again. Rubber selection and its tooling are key and at AVMR we’re able to source and spec the exact type of rubber and then tool it to produce that perfect deflection.

Everybody Hz

And then there’s the design of the bobbin itself. We can produce bobbin mounts that can stop low vibrating frequencies down to 10Hz – that’s just 10 cycles a second. The key here lies in using – in high deflection mounts for example – hollow mounts that while appearing large and chunky actually have a thin outer wall that can deflect in all directions. A solid rubber bobbin will struggle to do that.

So don’t be deceived. Even the humble bobbin hides thousands of options and just as many outcomes.

Next time your speccing a job why not trust the experts at AVMR to look after the little things?

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